Over the course of the past couple of decades, Amacon has been a dedicated patron of public art, contributing over $3 million to artists across the country in support of the arts community. As a leading Canadian developer, our contribution to the community has always been paramount, and one of the ways we give back is through the installation of parks, sculptures, and beautiful art pieces. These artworks not only support fellow Canadians but gives back to the residents of the broader community.


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Location: Imperial. Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC | Title: Ovoidism, 2019 | Artist: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun | Rounded, bulging oval-to-rectangular shape called an ovoid is a feature unique to Northwest Coast art. The mother of designs, ovoids are building blocks that form visual centres, or sources, from which design patterns or movements emanate. Ovoids are used to represent joints (shoulder, hip, wing, pectoral fin), eye sockets, or non-specific anatomical parts that help create the flow of the overall design. Traditionally the ovoid is never depicted as an entity unto itself, but rather an element of a larger design or figure.