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Imperial by Amacon is now Sold out.

About Amacon

Driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture, Amacon is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential real estate development and construction firms.

In the building business, a company’s reputation is made by the quality a developer puts into each home and how these homes pass the test of time. For Amacon, creating long-term value is a fundamental business strategy.

Amacon’s vision is to continue to be one of Canada’s largest and most successful builders for decades to come. Laying the foundation with excellence today, Amacon controls all aspects of the development process including:

  • Site Acquisition
  • Project Design
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Customer Care
  • Marketing & Sales

At Amacon, our dedication to service and customer care stands behind everything we build. All new Amacon homes are backed by the most comprehensive third party coverage in North America, if not the world. Our knowledgeable staff’s commitment to excellence includes superior after-sales customer care, earning Amacon the loyalty of thousands of satisfied homeowners over the years.

We do this so you can LIVE WELL.®

District, Vancouver

Modern, Burnaby

RedBrick, Burnaby

Tempo, Burnaby

Brava, Vancouver

Brimley Mews, Port Coquitlam

Farrow Ridge, Burnaby

Liberta, Vancouver

McGregor, Burnaby

Palladio, Vancouver

Parkside Walk, Vancouver

Perla, Richmond

Springdale, Coquitlam

The 501, Vancouver

The Ave, Coquitlam

The Beasley, Vancouver

The Chancellor, Richmond

The Melville, Vancouver

The Morgan, Surrey

Virtu, Vancouver

169 Hotel-inspired homes crafted by Amacon

Perfectly located in Metrotown

Imperial by Amacon is now sold out