Over the course of the past couple of decades, Amacon has been a dedicated patron of public art, contributing over $3 million to artists across the country in support of the arts community. As a leading Canadian developer, our contribution to the community has always been paramount, and one of the ways we give back is through the installation of parks, sculptures, and beautiful art pieces. These artworks not only support fellow Canadians but gives back to the residents of the broader community.


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Location: Redbrick. 14th Avenue, Edmonds, Burnaby, BC | Title: HOUSE (Red Fox Black Cat), 2015 | Artists: Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew, Metz & Chew | The purpose of the artwork was to pay homage to the history of the Edmonds area, one of the early villages of the Mainland. The artwork is about home and neighbourhood, the place where the narrative of our lives begins. The House is sited at the end of the courtyard, a simple and iconic form, a wireframe “sketch” of a house. Two sculptural, symbolic animals face each other from across the house. Overscaled, minimal – almost like chess pieces. One suggests a domestic house cat, the other a fox or coyote. Stones with text will lead you into the house from the gateway. They are quotes about home – intimate and compelling.