Over the course of the past couple of decades, Amacon has been a dedicated patron of public art, contributing over $3 million to artists across the country in support of the arts community. As a leading Canadian developer, our contribution to the community has always been paramount, and one of the ways we give back is through the installation of parks, sculptures, and beautiful art pieces. These artworks not only support fellow Canadians but gives back to the residents of the broader community.


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Location: Zonta Meadows Park, Mississauga, ON | Title: GALA, 2015 | Artists: Harley Valentine, Gabriel Fain Architect, OAA | Nature and artifice come together to form this sculptural piece for the entrance to Zonta Meadows Park. The piece functions as a symbolic gateway and strategically frames the view of the Gala Procession and the rest of the park. The sculpture creates a dialogue with nature exploring materials both rough and smooth, hard and soft, heavy and light. The apparent randomness of the large stones contrasts with the precision of the steel allowing people to approach the work for further investigation. Gala Gateway invites the public to touch and smell the work and gives children the opportunity to safely occupy the space beneath and around the stones.