Featured Realtor at Block Residences: Catherine Song

Posted On January 20, 2022

At Amacon we take a lot of pride in our realtor communities. Today we’d like to celebrate one of our top selling realtors at the Block Residences in Vancouver – Catherine Song. Catherine has a unique and inspiring story. Before becoming a realtor, Catherine worked as an education consultant and had a passion for working with people, which inspired her to get her realtor’s license. She purchased an investment property at Block and was so enamored with the project that she went on to sell 6 more homes! We recently sat down with Catherine to ask her a few questions about her journey at Block.


Why did you buy at Block? What attracted you to the project

First of all the location is great location. Second, downtown is getting more vibrant because of tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Walt Disney etc. coming to this area. I am pretty sure that this project will be successful.


Are you planning to live in the property yourself or did you buy it for investment?

For investment.


But you live in this neighbourhood currently?

Yes, I’ve lived downtown for 17 years, but I need at least two bedrooms for family.


It was a 1B Plan you purchased? What do you specifically like about this plan?

Yes, it’s my favourite plan. I don’t like to see the kitchen when I open the front door. Also, I love the den area, which is very spacious and can be used as an office or a closet.


Is this the floorplan that your clients have been buying?

Yes, all 1B Plans.


So your story is that you bought at Block, became a Realtor, and then have gone on to sell homes at Block? What inspired you to become a Realtor?

I had been interested in the industry for a long time, but I didn’t imagine myself doing this job for many reasons. But essentially, I love talking with people, and working with other people so I found that as soon as I started this job, I realized I love it and all the related work. So far, this is my favourite job I’ve ever had. Previously I was doing education consultation work as well as U.S. immigration consulting work at a law firm.


From your perspective, why are your clients buying at Block? Are your clients also buying for investment?

They like Block because the homes include parking and storage, also the great location. Also, price, when compared to other projects such as Burrard Place 2 and 1515. Block is the best bet.


Your clients, are they based downtown?

They are all over, including South Korea. One client, a family friend, didn’t even see the Presentation Centre, she trusted the recommendation as I had bought here myself.


And where are you finding your clients? Were they existing personal contacts?

So far, yes. When I was studying Communications and Criminology at SFU I did a lot of part-time jobs and most of my current clients are my previous bosses and their friends.

For more information about Catherine and her business, check out her Instagram @csrealestate