Block Residences Update: Building Tomorrow, Preserving History

Posted On February 2, 2024

Construction is gaining momentum at the vibrant intersection of Robson and Cambie, and we’re eager to share a progress update highlighting both heritage preservation and innovative design at Block Residences.

Honoring the Past

The recently completed heritage retention system stands as a testament to Amacon’s commitment to preserving Vancouver’s history. This meticulously engineered framework safeguards the distinguished four-story brick façade of the former Northern Electric Building, ensuring its continued presence as construction progresses. With this crucial milestone achieved, the stage is set for the next phase – interior demolition and excavation, anticipated later this year.

A Geometric Icon Emerges

Activity hums at ground level as Block Residences transforms the cityscape. The residential tower, designed by GBL Architects, is taking shape with its distinctive geometric design that echoes the preserved traditional architecture. This unique interplay promises to create a visually striking landmark, adding a bold new chapter to Vancouver’s skyline.

Stay Connected to the Journey

We invite you to follow Block Residences’ exciting journey as it rises in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We look forward to sharing further updates on this exceptional development, which promises to shape the city’s future and offer residents a unique living experience.